District Resources


This is a legacy rescource that can be passed down from one board to the next in hopes of ensuring the smoothest transition of knowledge possible. 

Guide for leading a Planning Meeting for the incoming year.

This document is to provide basic instructions to create an event on the District 5170 Meetup page.

This website/app is a way officers can assign each other tasks.

A website/app that can be used for sending text message announcements to a large number of people without creating a group message. 

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Ideas and tactics for member retention. 

This guide is intended to be a collaborative reference for the Rotaract clubs of District 5170 on recruitment and retention of members. Please add what strategies have and have not worked with a reflection on why they were or were not successful. Sharing our successes and failures will help strengthen our district as a whole and lessen the learning curve for new clubs or officers.

Fill out this survey to help your club assess their memberships' involvement in the past year. 

Download this PowerPoint file and use it in presentation mode as an easy and fun way of introducting new members to Rotaract and Rotary. 

This spreadsheet can be used to track members' participation in different types of events. 

Download this Word file Membership Application template and edit it to suit your club. 

This website is a great way to send aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read newsletters to your mailing list. 

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Professional Development

Use this guide to expand the professional development aspect of your club. 

Use this template to record your club's meeting speakers so they can be easily contacted in the future. 

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This document can be used to track service events and provides advice on finding service events. 

This spreadsheet can be used to track members' participation in different types of events. 

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With a Rotary International login, you can use the Rotary Brand Center to create a customized logo for your club.